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Mike Evenhouse, AMS®


If you’re looking for EVEN more information about that boat, you’ve come to the right place.  I work hard to provide my clients with affordable, accurate, and detailed surveys in a timely manner. My goals include providing the best service possible while maintaining the integrity, objectivity, and independence of marine surveying.  I service Michigan and central and southern Florida.

Why choose M.E. to perform your survey?

My life long interest in boats has propelled me into a career as a marine surveyor. My interest in boats, curiosity, and level of attention to detail have become recognizable qualities in my work.  My goal is to be the one person that you know you can turn to when you have a question about a boat, boating, or you just don’t know who else to ask.  

Attention to Detail: As an accountant, I.T. Manager, and medium sized business manager, success is in the details.

Response Time: Scheduling the survey as soon as available, and notification if any cancellations.

Turn Around Time: With the use of up to date technology, I am completely paperless and able to turn around the Report of Marine Survey in an average of one business day after the completion of the inspection.

Rates and adjustments:  Standard rates are per linear foot based on model length.   I do offer a per hour rate if at anytime, during the inspection, you decide to not require the written report.  This way you aren’t paying for something you don’t plan or need to use.

Travel: Not all surveyors are equal. Finding one surveyor, whom you trust, and who is willing to travel to the boat is important.

As a Marine Surveyor, I have the following qualifications…